Summer Shoes

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You guys, I have TWO weeks until graduation. I feel like I am crawling to the finish line. Anyone else feel like they are too? I am on the struggle bus, but I am so excited to graduate! Everyone tells me I will wish I was back in college, but I am so ready to “adult”. Anyways, I’ve received a lot of requests to make a post about my favorite shoes from different stores so here you go! Below I have linked (affiliate links) some of my favorite items. A lot of these shoes I have, so I will definitely give you guys my personal opinion on them. I also do not pay a lot for shoes, so all of these shoes will be budget friendly. Also, I’ve been linking a lot of items in my last couple of posts, and I want to see when you purchase them! So shoot me a message on here when you buy something I recommended. I love seeing messages when you guys like what I posted!

I got these because everyone needs a nude pair of heels. I wore these for my graduation pictures. Stay tuned for those pictures! True to size.
I have these in the beige color and love them! I think this brown color and the beige can match so many things. I got these in a size 8.5 so I would say they run about a half a size small. These are a must!
Okay I know I said most things would be inexpensive but these are a MUST. I have these in the light makeup color and plan to get some black ones too. They look so classy and cute with just about anything!
These are a really close dupe to the Steve Madden shoes! I posted these on my Target post and thought they deserved some more love.
Okay maybe I’m crazy but I LOVE these shoes. I think they would look so cute on and are an added touch to any outfit.
Not necessarily summer specific, but how cute are these?!
Here’s the shoes again. I thought seeing them on would let y’all see just how cute they are!
I tagged these because they seem super easy and cute to just slide on with a pair of jeans or shorts and a top!
Tagged these in my Target post but I thought I would share again. I have these and I wear them all the time!

Here is a really close dupe to the Steve Madden pair above! Also comes in a really cute snakeprint.
only $12!

Brace yourself. These are from Walmart! I have been so impressed with the shoes that Walmart has been coming out with. So many of my favorite bloggers have been wearing them! Only $29 and half the price of the designer ones below 2 rows below.

Here are the same shoes but in black!

I think these might be my new favorite!
so comfy and worth every penny.

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