Drug Store Beauty Essentials

Alright guys, today on the blog I want to share my favorite beauty drug store brands. Now I am all for paying for the prestige brands from makeup stores when needed, but if I can find a drug store dupe that is the same or close enough quality, I am all for it. So first I am going to share with you guys my favorite drug store brands, and then I’m going to tell you guys about the prestige brands that I feel like are not replaceable by a drug store brand. All of the pictures will be linked (affiliate links). If you want to purchase them, just click the picture or find the link in the caption!

So for starters, within the last year or two I have gotten in to really start taking care of my skin. I always joke and tell my friends, “I want to look like Jennifer Anniston when I’m 50”, but I mean it! So I use a daily moisturizer from Aveeno. I have used this for a year and a half and I love it. My skin is so smooth and my skin tone seems so much more even. I will say this though: MAKE SURE you get the “Sheer daily moisturizer”. When I bought my second bottle, I did not realize the difference and bought the regular and it broke me out! And I am not bragging by any means when I say this, but I have really good skin and almost never break out, so for me to have consistent breakouts from using a moisturizer is really bad. Once I figured out the difference and bought the sheer again, my skin was back to normal. The regular moisturizer was just too heavy and was clogging my pores. It was awful! But anyways, the Aveeno Sheer Daily Moisturizer is so great and I swear by it!

Alright so who uses the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara? Well do I have a dupe for you! This L’Oreal mascara is only $9 and in my opinion it is just as good as the Too Faced brand. I used the Better Than Sex mascara for probably 2 years and would not deviate from it for anything, but then I started to get tired of paying $23 for one tube so I decided to venture out and try the dupe that everyone had been talking about. They were right! It is so good. Also, do NOT get the waterproof version in this. It’s very easy to just grab it without noticing so pay attention when you’re grabbing it! I made this mistake and this is why I can tell you the waterproof is no good. The waterproof is almost impossible to get off, and I do not feel like it looks as good as the regular. 

Second is E.L.F’s eyeshadow primer. If you’re a makeup guru you may disagree with me and that’s fine! I’m not makeup savvy but this $2 primer gets the job done for me. I do not find is feasible to pay $20 for an eyeshadow primer when a $2 primer does the same thing for me. 

I have two favorite drug store eyeliners. Which one you like best will probably depend on your eyeliner application skills and use of a pencil sharpener. So both are Maybelline brand, but one is a mechanical and the other is a pencil. The pencil used to be my favorite, but I got so tired of sharpening it, and I honestly wasn’t very good at sharpening it so I felt like I wasted so much of it. I loved the color though. It was such a deep black and I felt like it paired so well with the eyeshadow I used, but like I said I hated sharpening it constantly and I was always picking up little pencil shavings. Now I use the same brand but a mechanical pencil, which is so much easier to use. I will say the color isn’t as potent as the pencil, but it gets the job done and I feel like you can’t tell a difference once everything is on!

This is the one I use now: https://shopstyle.it/l/2hAL

Lastly, I have *kind of* found a drugstore dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow mechanical pencil. I found this because I was feeling really cheap and wanted to try and find a drugstore brand cheaper than $20. The brand I found was L’Oreal and I like it, but I will say that Anastasia offers more colors. L’Oreal only offers about 4 colors. I got Dark Brunette in hopes of matching the Medium Brown shade from Anastasia. The colors are very close, but I can tell a slight difference and will probably suck it up and just buy Anastasia from now on. However, the quality and application was just as good. I just couldn’t match the color! So if you can find your right color with L’Oreal, definitely get that instead. Here is the link for Anastasia: https://shopstyle.it/l/2hBP

Now I’m going to tell you guys about my prestige brands. I swear by MAC foundation and pressed powder. I have used the MAC Studio Fix Fluid for years. I use shade NC20 in MAC. I have tried to venture out and try new brands but always end up back at MAC. I’ve tried Fenty, Urban Decay, Estee Lauder and Becca. All of those either didn’t have enough coverage (even though the brand said it was full coverage) or it had too much of a pink tone to it. I will say this though, Fenty beauty has so many shades and that is what they pride themselves in. So if you have one of those hard to match shades, they probably can match you! BUT, I will say that a lot of people have complained about the super matte finish of their foundation. I like matte foundation but even that was too much for me. 

I also use MAC’s pressed powder to go apply over my liquid foundation. I feel like it just finishes the look. I use the color Medium.

For my bronzer, I use Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer in the medium shade. YALL it smells like chocolate! That’s not the reason I buy it though. I feel like it matches my skin tone so well and a lot goes a long way. One compact lasts me a whole year! It’s $30 and I don’t mind paying that since it lasts me so long.

Now on to the lipsticks. I am SO picky about lipsticks. I just feel like a lot of shades that look good on other people, look so differently on me, which is so frustrating. These two that I’ve found I just stick with since I have such a hard time finding others that I like. 

I use the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit in Koko K. A lot of people have expressed negative feelings towards the lip kits because it dries their lips out, but here’s a trick: apply chapstick before and after application and you will be fine. No dry lips!

My next lipstick is this matte lipstick from MAC. The color is Viva Glam ll. Both of these are pinky nudes and the Kylie lip kit has more of a coral undertone to it! I swear by both of these colors. I’m currently on the hunt for a pinky nude gloss, so if you have any recommendations, let me know!

Thanks for reading!



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