The Most Magical Store Ever: TARGET

Hi guys,

I’m sure most people can agree with me when I say this. Target is the best store ever. So today on the blog I’m telling y’all some of my favorite finds at target. This might be a long post!

So first off, does anyone else have the best time in the “Dollar Section” at the entrance of Target? I find so many neat things in there. My most recent find from the dollar section is these cute little flower pots that already come with the seeds and soil. I’ve had it for about a month now and I finally have a cute little sprout! 

Next I want to talk about their swim! Who doesn’t love Target Swimwear?! Once Victoria’s Secret announced the closure of their swim line, Target was able to capture most of the swim market and has really been successful with it. Not only do they have so many different styles, their swim is not expensive at all. You can get a top and bottom for under $30, which is something you can’t do at most swim stores, especially Victoria’s Secret.

Okay so this next thing I get at Target is probably something some people don’t know about, but their blue jeans are A M A Z I N G. I used to only wear American Eagle, and I still really like their jeans, but Target jeans are much cheaper and to me they are the same quality and have a lot of really cute styles. If you’ll watch for their sales, Target will make their jeans $20! I know everyone has a different figure and some styles only work for different people, but their jeans are definitely something to check out!

This one goes out to all my working ladies. Target has some of the best work appropriate clothes, and (I think you might be catching on to a trend here) they’re not expensive! Obviously they don’t have suits, but they have nice blazers, button ups, dress pants and so much more. Most items will run you about $16-$29.99! Below I will tag some of my favorite pieces that I found on their website.

I think everyone knows about this already but Target has the best shoe selection. Most of their shoes range from $20-$39.99, and in my opinion they’re really good quality. Target is actually one of the first places I look for shoes because they have such great and trendy selection. So unless I’m wearing my Tory Burch miller sandals, my shoes are probably from Target!

I have these shoes, and they are so comfortable! They look cute with just about everything too.


Now I want to talk about their Home section. So much of my home stuff comes from Target. I am one of those cliché girls that has a white comforter, and I got mine at Target! They have such a huge selection of bedding. I’m actually looking to get a new comforter because white bedding gets dingy pretty quickly. Of course I’m getting another white comforter though. I’ll never learn I guess. Another item that they have that I cannot recommend enough is their flannel sheets. I’m not sure if they have them now, but they always bring them out around Christmas time and will have the cutest Christmas prints. I get a new set every year. 

Alright guys! That’s a wrap for my Target post. Thanks for reading!



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