Setting Sail

Happy Friday Eve! Tonight on the blog I am telling you guys all about my upcoming cruise to Cuba and all of the things I’m taking with me. Cruises to Cuba have not been around for a long time so I am so excited to finally get to go. Did you guys know that they still have old 50’s cars that look brand new? There are so many things I’m so excited about for this trip. We are sailing from Miami, another city I have never been to. While in Miami, we are attending the women’s finals match of the Miami Open before we set sail on Sunday morning. Our cruise will be sailing to Key West, the Bahamas, and Cuba. I’ve never been to Key West either. Right about now you guys are probably thinking I don’t get out much, but I promise I do! Anyways, in Key West we are definitely going to visit the Southernmost point of the United States. We also might go on a tasting tour of Key Lime pie. Yum! Then at our stop at the Bahamas, we are swimming with pigs! Some of you guys are probably thinking I’m crazy right now, but if you haven’t seen pictures of people doing this, look it up! It looks like so much fun. We will then be spending a day and a half at Cuba. There we will be touring all over Havana, Cuba and learning about their culture, history, and seeing all of the wonderful things in Cuba. At night we will be attending the Tropicana show, which is this cabaret show. It is supposed to be this amazing show that you can’t miss. So I’ll definitely have to do a post after I get back talking about everything I ended up doing and how I liked the cruise. Now I’m going to talk about everything I am bringing on my trip! I did so much stressing about what to bring. I bet you guys are noticing a trend. I stress about what to wear, A LOT.

I wish I could link a couple more things, but those items are not available anymore, and I can’t find them online. I’ll be sure to post pictures of them and tell you guys the brand though! Be on the lookout for my follow-up post about my trip!

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